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Wastewater backups are a serious situation that must be taken care of immediately. Restoration 1 knows the severity of the damage to your property that sewage causes. Additionally, it must be handled by a professional. Regardless of the reason you have sewer or wastewater in your home, we will take care of it. Our sewage and sewage water cleanup, removal, and restoration services will stop and remediate the problem quickly. With wastewater cleanup, timing is crucial. Restoration 1 has a team manning our 24-hour emergency services line to dispatch at-the-ready technicians, certified in sanitary sewage treatment, can be dispatched to begin the cleanup process as soon as the issue starts.

There are several reasons sewage backups happen. No matter the severity of your backup or the reason for it, Restoration 1 of Russell, ON, provides sewage cleanup, wastewater removal, and water damage remediation services to suit any level of damage you have endured. Our team works fast to stop any overflow or flooding that is occurring. The next step is to remove the offending substances and begin treating the affected areas. Preventing microbial development from occurring is imperative, so our certified experts use effective and safe solutions to stop bio-contaminants.


We will extract all sewer and waste-water from your spaces. Our extraction method is straightforward and effective. At Restoration 1, we operate only the best, high-level pumps and water extraction equipment available. Removing all sewage as soon as possible provides an added edge for a successful restoration.


The next step in our method is sanitizing all affected surfaces to mitigate contagions. Restoration 1 uses reliable and safe solvents as an aspect of our treatment method.


The final step is restoring your possessions and property back to pre-disaster conditions. Your house needs to be safe and livable. Your items should be clean and free from contaminates. Restoration 1 painstakingly works to restore your quality of life.

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You run extensive risks to your property if you opt not to treat sewage and wastewater damage. Even if the areas appear dry and the water has receded, it doesn’t mean you’re out of harm’s way. Porous materials and components like carpet, furniture, floorboards, wood, fabrics and drywall must be treated immediately so that the restoration process can begin. Additionally, all areas where mould may have begun growing or may start to grow must also be addressed.

Don’t leave wastewater backups untreated, as they cause significant health complications in people and pets. Individuals with compromised immune systems, the elderly and children are especially susceptible. Restoration 1 utilizes the correct methods to ensure that your sewage cleanup and property restoration is done properly with all the precautions needed. By employing Restoration 1 for Russell, ON you can lessen your personal property loss.

The sooner you call Restoration 1 in Russell, ON to cleanup your sewer water problems, the better. We can stop damage from happening to your property and start the removal, remediation and restoration processes. We can stop damage from happening to your property and start the removal, remediation and restoration processes. This damage can expamd fast, causing expensive and irreparable difficulties with the structure of your house. By contacting Restoration 1 in the Russell, area, as soon as there is a sewage issue, we can begin our disinfecting process, saving you money and effort in the long run.

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