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Mould should always be tackled by a professional because of how it can affect your well-being and the way it damages your property. Restoration 1 is here to service the Manotick, ON, area and eliminate mould from your residence. Our crew of professionals has the experience and expertise to pinpoint, test and identify the kind of mould that’s thriving in your space. Then our specialists can alleviate the damages and eliminate the spores by using the proper equipment. Restoration 1 is devoted to making your home secure. When you’ve detected any mould producing in your residence, or you think it’s there, call our knowledgeable staff so that we can eliminate it.

Dim areas and lack of ventilation is where mould thrives. It has a tendency to grow and flourish without you being aware of it, and water damage can generate mould growth too. When this happens, you need to hire someone who‘s trained in mould elimination services in order to make your residence secure. It’s important to tackle the issue prior to it producing more long-term problems.


Determining where the mould is based is the first step for proper application.


Determining the type of growth you have in your home gives us a better idea of how to eradicate the issue.


Properly cleaning the infested space and extracting the mould will create a livable environment.


Reconstructing your property to a safe safe condition is our main objective.

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Professional Mould Specialists with Restoration 1 – Make Your Home Secure Again

When you believe there’s mould growth in your home, don’t hesitate. If ignored, mould could grow throughout your property and produce serious problems. As Manotick, ON‘s, leading restoration company, we specialize in mould abatement. With superior expertise, you can trust Restoration 1 for our certified mould removal services in the Manotick, ON, region.

We are trained in property damages such as mould growth. Although mould and other microbial toxins are highly unhealthy, it can be difficult to diagnose because many of the signs and symptoms of mould exposure are the same as the common cold or flu. Symptoms of mould exposure include breathing issues, allergies, fungal infections, mycotoxin toxicity, hypersensitivity pneumonitis and other potentially hazardous health conditions. These are specifically hazardous to sensitive people such as seniors, children and anyone with lung issues. The highly trained specialists from Restoration 1 can thoroughly eradicate the contaminated areas of your home and restore the damaged space.

Restoration 1 is available to help houses eradicate mould from the premises in the Manotick, ON, region. Our dependable contractors are trained and qualified to eradicate even the most resilient, toxic strains found in the area. We work scrupulously to get rid of all mould while following the proper guidelines.

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