Immediate Response for Water Damage Mitigation Services in Greely, ON

Cleaning up water damage out of your residence is necessary for your safety.

If you’ve experienced a burst pipe or flooding on your property, Restoration 1 is here to help in the Greely, ON, region. We provide an immediate-response service for our customers in order to reduce the wreckage in your residence. Our contractors have the expertise necessary to remove water and any moisture that’s present in the damaged area at a quick pace. It’s vital to remove all moisture since it can lead to mould growth if your water damage isn’t entirely handled the right way. Call our professional team to ensure your home is safe again.

Water damage is a prevalent type of property damage in Greely, ON. It can originate from several things, not just destructive circumstances like a flooding. It can be something as simple as an overflowing tub or a leaky pipe. When the problem isn’t handled immediately, it can lead to more wreckage to your home. In combination with the environment of your home, water can lead to the growth of harmful bacteria, which can spread.

This is why it’s important to get an expert over to take care of the damages in your house. There are three categories that water damage is categorized in, and we understand how to mitigate and eliminate all of them. Restoration 1 contractors use industry-grade equipment and perform with the best techniques to eliminate the problem.


We remove all standing water in your home with water extractors and pumps. Once all the water has been eliminated, drying the area can begin. This way we can get your property ready for water damage remediation and get it back to its original condition.


Flooring will need to be removed in order to dry the area entirely. Dehumidifiers will then be used to extract any remaining moisture in the area.


If it's feasible, your household goods will be restored to their pre-damaged condition. Then our damage specialists will repair any wreckage that was imposed on your home's structure.

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Classifications of Water Damage

If your property experiences damage from water supply lines (such as appliances, water heaters, faucets, pipes, etc.) this is classified as Category 1. Category 1 is known as clean water since the source isn't harmful if you come in contact with it. With this type of discharge, the crew at Restoration 1 will be able to restore most, if not all, of your flooring, walls or other personal problems that got wet if we're contacted immediately.

Wreckage that is caused by water that goes through a sanitation system, malfunctioning sump pump or toilet bowls with waste in them falls under Category 2. The water discharge from Category 2 usually contains impurities made up from biological or chemical parts that are dangerous. If your property has Category 2 water damage, items that have come into contact with the water will have to be removed in order to prevent further damages and to make the area secure.

Category 3 water damage is highly contaminated and is a danger. This is known as black water and it consists of dangerous bacteria and fungi. Category 3 is typically derived from sewage backups. However, it could also be the result of ground surface water flooding your property or even from Category 2 water wasn't extracted and has been sitting for 2-3 days. This type of wreckage needs special attention from our damage specialists who have the necessary tools and know the best methods to extract the contamination.

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